About tournaments.webDiplomacy.net:

tournaments.webdiplomacy.net was originally set up to provide information on the phpLeague (now the webDiplomacy League). It now plays host to information about many user-run tournaments and other user-projects related to webDiplomacy. The site is managed by the webDip Mod team. If you'd like to run a tournament or post something on the site, email the mods at webdipmod@gmail.com or PM jmo1121109 or bo_sox48.

The webDiplomacy League:

                   The biggest tournament, with over 70 players, the webDiplomacy League runs approximately from September to January, and from March to July; currently six Leagues: Premier League, League A1, League A2, League B1, League B2, and League B3

                   Leagues, four game seasons, WTA with SC tiebreak.

                   Contact: goldfinger0303

The Grand Festive Diplomacy Tournament:

                  Runs from September until completion. The length is dependent on the number of entrants. Seeded knock out tournament with two or three rounds and a final.

                  Two or three two-game knock-out rounds followed by a single final.

                   Contact: abgemacht 

The Masters:

                  Runs from September until the last game is finished. Final games are opened at the beginning of April. 43 participants may enter each year.

                  43 player solo-or-nothing round robin

                  Contact: goldfinger0303

The TGM Champions' Trophy

                  The champions' trophy is an invitation only tournament, which runs annually. Pauses are allowed to give time for times away from home.  One game is played, and then, if there is no outright winner a second is played. After two games a round-robin of France-Austria (a two player variant) between any tied players decides the result. All Games are Anonymous 

                  The reigning champion of the competition, the champion from each of the previous two seasons, the two best from the Masters' and the two best players from the previous Grand Festive Diplomacy Tournament compete.

                  Diplomacy Match, WTA. Anonymous.

                  Contact: TheGhostmaker

The webDip World Cup

                  The webDip world cup is the major internal team tournament. Teams of four representing various geographic locations play in two rounds to determine a winner. A mixture of classic, Public Press and Gunboat variants are played.

                  Two round team knock-out.

                  Contact: goldfinger0303

Gunboat Tournament

                  The Gunboat Tournament is the most popular tournament on WebDiplomacy. The tournament consists of a group stage of 7 games in which each player has each power once. Top players from each group along with a wild card advance to the final round of 7 games. Players are seeded by gunboat Ghost Rating.
                  This year's tournament requires an RR>95.

                  Contact: Valis2501 or 2ndWhiteLine

The Mountain

                  The Mountain is a series of games in which losers are relegated out of the series and replaced by new participants. Winners are crowned "king."

                  Contact: ckroberts

Online Diplomacy Championship

                  The Online Diplomacy Championship is a tournament focused on bringing together the top players from all of the online diplomacy sites. It is played in three rounds of two games each, with more than half of the field being eliminated each round.

                  Contact: durga

1v1 Showdown

                  The 1v1 Showdown is a Double Elimination Tournament based on the France vs Austria map. Players play one set each round against a single opponent - upon losing two sets, they are eliminated. The last remaining player is the victor.

                  Contact: CaptainMeme

150cc Club

                  The 150cc club is a live game club, they play password protected live games to ensure high-quality play.

                  Contact: Valis2501

Boston FTF

                  A face to face tournament taking place from 10th-12th June 2011 in Boston

                  Contact: Crazyterabgemacht

Community Help Pages

                  The Community support pages exist to provide useful information to webDiplomacy users

                  Contact: ghug

The Ghost-Ratings List 

                  The Ghost-Ratings list is an alternative rating system to points, which is completed at the start of every month, beginning January 2009.

                  Contact: ghug

The Player of the Year Awards 

                  The Player of the Year awards are a set of unofficial awards compiled each year.

                  Contact: Hellenic Riot