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Organiser: Damian - contact directly: dipwolf@gmail.com, or at 150cc.diplomacy@gmail.com 

"Club Rules, and Info "

Now if you’re anything like me you’re probably wondering what the hell is this 150cc club; why does it exist; how can I join; and what rules do I need to follow? I will endeavor to answer each of these questions in order. 

The 150cc club is a group of people who have banded together to create a high quality player base for passworded live diplomacy games. Our little club was founded as a reaction to the problems that plagued live games on the site previously. First turn CD’s, Resigns, Multi-accounters, poor quality of play, and what was generally more of a disaster then a fun game of diplomacy. The 150cc club is all about creating the framework for high caliber players to find other great players to play with without needing to create live games with massive pots, and to allow these players to escape a lot of the problems that plague live games.

Do you have what it takes? No really do you? The 150cc club membership is determined by a sponsorship system, along with some examination of your stats (Resigns being heavily frowned upon, as they spoil the fun for the rest of us.) The sponsorship system works in such a way that you need to have played with two of our existing members to be eligible to join. That player will then vouch for your dependability, and your level of skill, to either the organizer or on the 150cc clubhouse. Should other existing members raise no objections, you will become a full-fledged member of the club and the password used for all club games will be PM’d or Emailed to you. Simple. But what if you haven’t played with any of our existing members but otherwise have a sterling record. Well we run open trial games from time to time, to allow candidates to play with some of our members in a live game, after which said members may choose to vouch for the candidate in question. 

So am I going to have to follow rules and stuff? 
For the 150cc club there is really only one cardinal rule. Keep it classy. This isn’t a demand you don’t swear, swear and trash-talk all you like. What this rule is really about is respecting your fellow players. Making sure you have time to play a full game before joining. Cancelling in case of CD. Only resigning if you have to, as well as generally keeping things fun for everyone.
Now the club doesn’t really have a formal set of rules, or punishments, however if a member is failing to respect his fellows, send a pm or email to me and I’ll have word with him. If the player continues to be a problem, we will hold a general hearing for them in the clubhouse, where we will decide if they should be removed from the club. 

There you have it, all you need to know to be a member of the 150cc club. Hope to see you on the board. 


Current Player List: 
(To maintain quality, this will be 'limited' to top 200 GR. This is not a strict rule by any means, but more a guideline to be kept in mind when vouching for members. If you feel a player under 200 GR is good enough you are free to vouch for him/her )

-Coming Soon-