The webDiplomacy League Rules

The Tournament Director, goldfinger0303, may act other than in accordance to these rules, if he judges this to be the best course of action.  

If a certain situation is not provided for in these rules, a unanimous agreement between the players and the consent of the Tournament Director (TD) will be sufficient to act as the players wish.


There will be 4 games per league, with all players participating in all 4 games. The games will be called “League [league letter] [Season][Year]-[game number]”. Each game will have a 25 hour phase length, will be of winner-takes-all type and will have a buy-in of 5, unless the players unanimously agree to an increased pot size. If there is something incorrect in how the game is set up, it should be canceled and restarted, and will not count towards the leagues.

Each player is responsible for ensuring he is able to play in the game at the scheduled time. If he is unable to pay any bet, then he shall forfeit the game, and the game shall be played with a replacement. In the event that three or more players are unable to provide any bet, the game is considered a draw between those able to play. The SC counts for each player for the game are 34/the number of players able to play.

If a player is unable to play in the leagues for some reason other than a lack of points, they should email me to let me know, and then can be removed from the leagues. If any player simply drops out of the leagues without warning, they will not be allowed to participate in the next season, and a second drop-out offense will lead to the player being banned from playing in the leagues again.

A player will never have a country twice in the same season. If the same country is drawn a twice, the Tournament Director will reallocate the countries in order to correct this.


If a player will be unable to play for a week or less, they may request a pause, stating when they need it until. All other players must grant this pause. When the date of return has been reached, players should un-pause the first time they log onto the site. If a player requires a pause for longer than a week, the other players have the option not to grant the pause, and so the player should find a sitter. 

If a player has requested a pause which goes over the time when a game is due to start, the game should be started when the player is expected to return.

Remember, pauses can never be used as a diplomatic tool in and the Leagues will strictly enforce this rule. The rules cannot account for every situation that may arise so players should use their judgement and if a unanimous agreement cannot be reached, you may contact me to make a final decision. 


Players will get 12 points for winning a game, 12/n for an n-way draw, and no points for a survival or a defeat. In the event that two players have the same number of points, they will be differentiated between on the basis of a SC count across the games. The maximum SC count in any game is 18, even if more are held. A tie in SC count will be determined by number of solos, 2-way draws, number of 3-way draws, number of 4-way draws, etc respectively.

Promotion and Relegation

6 players will be relegated from the Premier League.

3 players will be promoted from each of Leagues A1 and A2.

3 players will be relegated from each of Leagues A1 and A2.

2 player will be promoted from each of Leagues B1, B2, and B3.

2 players will be demoted from each of leagues B1, B2, and B3.

2 players will be promoted from each of leagues C1, C2 and C3.

3 players will be demoted from each of leagues C1, C2 and C3.

3 players will be promoted from each of leagues D1, D2 and D3.

If players drop out above a league level, one fewer player is demoted, then one extra player is promoted, then a second player fewer is demoted etc. 

    If the C or D leagues do not fill the required 3 sub-leagues required, see bellow for revised promotions a demotions:

In the case of only a C1, 3 players will be promoted from C1. 1 player will be demoted from each of leagues B1, B2, and B3.

In the case of a C1 and C2 but no C3, 3 players will be promoted from each of leagues C1 and C2. 2 players will be demoted from each of leagues B1, B2, and B3.

In the case of only a D1, 3 players will be promoted from D1. 1 player will be demoted from each of leagues C1, C2, and C3.

In the case of a D1 and D2 but no D3, 3 players will be promoted from each of leagues D1 and D2. 2 players will be demoted from each of leagues C1, C2, and C3.

Civil Disorder:

If a player enters civil disorder, or has to leave the leagues for any reason, they will be kicked from the leagues, and suspended from the next season as explained above. Additionally, they will be docked up to 10% of their points at the TD's discretion. The leader from the next league(s) down will replace them. That player will then play in both leagues for the remainder of the season. If a player does not wish to do this, they may choose just to play in the league that they are currently in, and the next best player will be chosen instead. 

When a season ends, the better of the two places held by any player will be chosen, and then additional players will be promoted to make up for the fact that a player was appearing twice and now will only appear once.


If a player NMRs, no matter what the circumstances, the game should be continued from the position reached, unless everyone in the game wishes to roll-back, restart the game or perform some sort of rectifying operation (e.g. replaying the turn with an agreed set of moves for the NMRing player). Players will be docked points for each NMR. Multiple NMRs (>2 per game) constitutes grounds for removal from the Leagues.

Meta-Gaming and Cross Gaming:

Players may not enter into agreements or alliances spanning more than one game, although they may consider different players’ league positions in their decision making within a game.


Excessively offensive press for no good diplomatic reason is frowned upon. If a player receives press from a player of this type, they may email me about it, along with a transcript, and I shall decide whether or not I consider the press to be unacceptable. If it is, I shall warn the sender to be more careful. The reason for this is that players will play four consecutive games with the same players, and this sort of thing can make the game no longer enjoyable for certain players, defeating the object of the leagues. I shall continue my policy of light-handedness on this matter, however, because I do not wish to restrict the press that players are allowed to send.

I ask players to settle disputes with me, rather than posting them and playing them out on the forums. 


As always, you can reach me if you have any tournament issues or questions at You can also PM me on if that would be easier for you. Thanks!