Pictures and Vids!

Alex, Crazyter, mscott and Aeneas
Alex, Crazyter, Aeneas, mscott, Thucydides and joey1
Babak, Ipsum,Crazyter,TheWizard,Geofram and abgemacht
Ipsum, mscott, abgemacht, Alan3
Aeneas, abgemacht, and TheWizard
Crazyter, Babak, Thucy, Alan3, Joey
MadMarx and Geofram
TheWizard and MadMarx

Alex, joey, Ipsum, Neil, Alan3, Aeneas, Crazyter
Babak, Geofram, TheWizard, MadMarx
Babak, MadMarx, mscott, TheWizard
Babak and TheWizard
abgemacht, Babak, and Crazyter
MadMarx, Babak, and TheWizard

Babak's solo in Game 2 Board 3.  Note that black pieces are red.
Final Position of Game 3 Board 1.  Note that black pieces are red.

Babak gets the solo!