Grand Festive Diplomacy Tournament

Tournament Director: abgemacht (formerly thewonderllama)


Once registration has completed, all participants will be seeded by Ghost-rating.  Players who do not currently have a Ghost-rating will be considered to have a rating of 0 and will be arranged by user ID. Each round will consist of 2 simultaneous games, with a best effort made in balancing the games (by seeding) and limiting the number of players being in both games together. Players will be scored as described below and the highest scoring players (ties broken by seeding) will move on to Round 2.

The number of players who move on to Round 2 and the existence of Round 3 will be determined each year depending on the number of participants.


For all but the final round, the scoring will work as follows:

  • Solo victory in a game = 36 points
  • Participation in a draw = 34/# of players involved in the draw
  • Surviving a game = # of SCs you control at the end of the game

The scoring is set up such that winning a game will ensure advancement to the next round, even if the player is eliminated in his or her other game.