Gunboat Tournament


The 2015 Gunboat Tournament will be slightly different than in years past. This year's tournament will consist of only two stages. The first round will be a group stage with a hard cap of 42 players. Within each 7 player group, 7 games will be played, with each player getting to play each power once.

The top scorer from each group along with one wild card spot to the highest scoring second place finisher will advance to the final round.

The 5 entrants with the highest gunboat GR and last year's champion, Maettu, will be assigned each to a different group. Remaining players will be distributed via snake draft based on most recent gunboat GR.


This tournament will have a hard cap of 42 players. Spots will be allocated based on the following criteria in order of significance:

1. Past winners are automatically qualified.
2. Anyone in the top 25 current gunboat GR qualifies.
3. Anyone with an RR of 98+
4. Anyone with an RR of 95+

Our current floor for RR is 95. However, should we need to fill the remainder of the bracket, spots will be allocated based on interested players with highest remaining RR.

Each game will have a buy-in of 5 . There is no other buy-in required from players. Thus, in order to participate in the first round of the tournament, players must have 35 available. These points will not be refunded.


Scoring is quite straightforward. In the group stage, points will be awarded as follows:
- 13 for a solo
- 12/n for a draw, n representing the number of players in the draw
- No points for survives or defeats

Final round will prioritize solos.
- 1 point for a solo victory
- No points for draws, survives, or defeats

Tiebreakers in the group stage will be as follows:
1. Number of solos
2. Number of draws
3. Number of survives
4. Total number of centers after completion of 7 games in group stage.

Tiebreakers in the finals:
1. Total number of centers after completion of final round.
2. Number of draws
3. Number of survives


4000 to the winner of the tournament
1500 to second place
500 to third place
100 for each solo victory in any round

Total guaranteed prizes will be 6000 and will be entirely site-sponsored. Any points won as a result of draws or solos are not included in this total.


All games will be winner-take-all (WTA), anonymous, no in-game messaging, hidden draw vote, and 36 hour phases.

No pause or cancel votes are allowed. Any requests for pauses should be pre-arranged with the TDs. Players may be granted an emergency pause at the discretion of the TDs but are encouraged to find account sitters should the needed pause be lengthy.

Due to the abuse of the WFO feature in past tournaments, both press and no-press, this feature will NOT be turned on for this tournament. If you miss a deadline, you will NMR. The TDs and the mod team will not be responsible for tracking you down to turn in orders; nor will they force pause games except for extraordinary circumstances (such as a server issue).


Also note again that HDV will be enabled for this tournament.


Valis2501 and I are co-directing this tournament. Any issues, problems, disputes, bugs, or pause requests should be emailed to (try and include "gunboat tournament" in the subject) or PMed to Valis, since he's online quite often.

The two of us are responsible for creating and starting games in a timely fashion, tracking scores and standings, mediating any issues, and handling any pause requests or replacements.

The mod team, other than 2ndWhiteLine, will have the same responsibilities as usual and will mediate on an as-needed basis. However, should you need an emergency pause and Valis or 2WL is not available, there is no guarantee that a mod will see your request in time.


It is the responsibility of every participant to read this entire post and track this thread for pertinent updates.

Regardless of the number of rounds, this is still a large time commitment for every player. By signing up for this tournament, you are acknowledging this commitment and agreeing to play out each round until the games end or you are defeated. If continuing play becomes impossible, it is your responsibility to contact the TDs or mods.

The TDs and mod team are enforcing a zero tolerance policy for metagaming in this tournament. If you are found to be metagaming in to any degree, you will automatically be removed from the tournament and subject to a heavy point deduction at the discretion of the investigating moderator.


Should a player need to leave the tournament, every effort must be made by that player to arrange a replacement. A pre-arranged replacement agrees to full ownership of all present and future tournament games and no adjustments will be made to GR.

If a player enters civil disorder and cannot be reached or refuses to participate, a replacement will be arranged by the TDs. In this event, the offending player will be removed from all games and replaced. Should the replacement player be eliminated from the game, the original player WILL BE SUBSTITUTED BACK INTO THE GAME so that the replacement is not subject to a GR penalty.


Any concerns should be emailed to (with the subject line "gunboat tournament") or PMed to Valis2501.

No discussion of ongoing games will be allowed in the forum. Offenders will be subject to the webDiplomacy forum moderation policy - 48 hours silence for a first offense and escalating for subsequent offenses. Repeat offenses by tournament participants will lead to removal from the tournament and face a point dock for violation of press rules.

Scoring updates will be allowed at the discretion of the TDs.


Please add your name in order of current GR in the next forum post. Include your current RR as well.

Post or PM any questions or comments.

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