Ryder Cup

Tournament Director - CaptainMeme

Format - Team vs Team

Map - Classic France vs Austria

Brief Overview:

This tournament is a competition between two teams - North America and Rest of the World. Two team captains are chosen by the community, and these team captains will put together teams of 12 players (including themselves).

The tournament consists of 3 rounds:

The first is the 'Singles' round. Captains rank their players 1-12 in order of strength, and each player will play two games against their counterpart on the opposing team, one as France and one as Austria. A player is considered to have won their matchup if they win more games than the opponent, and in that case their team will be awarded one point and the opposing team will gain nothing. If both players are tied on wins, then both teams are awarded half a point.

The second round is the 'Doubles' round. In this round, Captains pair up their players, with one designated as the France player and one as the Austria player. Captains will then ranked those pairs by strength, and pairs will be matched against their opposing counterparts, with the France player playing one game against the Austria player in the other pair, and the Austria player playing one game against the France player in the other pair. If a pair has more wins (combined) than their opponents, their team is awarded one point - if neither pair has more wins, then both teams gain half a point. Pairs are allowed to talk about their strategies

The third round is the 'Team' round. In this round, all players on a team into two groups, France and Austria, according to the country they played in the Doubles round. Each France group plays one game against the opposing Austria group, with either the Captain or the Assistant Captain (who must be in separate groups) entering the orders, but all players in a group being allowed to discuss strategy. The team which wins the most games in this round gains two points - if neither team has the most wins, then both teams are awarded one win.

There are 20 points total given out over the tournament, which means a score of 10.5 or more will win that team the title of Ryder Cup Champions. If the tournament ties 10-10, one final game is played between the two team Captains with random country assignments, with all team members allowed to discuss strategy. If this game is drawn, then the team playing France is awarded the victory.

Additional Information:

Phase Length - Singles Round games are 24h/phase, Doubles are 36h/phase, and Team games are 48h/phase.

Pauses - Every player gets 1 week of Pause Time total over the course of the tournament. Players must PM the TD when they intend to use pause time. At any time, a pause of between 1 day and the player's remaining pause time may be requested and will be granted, and that time will be deducted from the player's remaining pause time.

NMRs & Civil Disorders - Since this is a 1v1 Tournament, NMRs will not be punished - losing a turn's worth of moves is punishment enough. A Civil Disorder in a game will count as a forfeit and a point to the other player. In the event of a CD or NMR, the team's captain will given the option to substitute out that player for future rounds.

Draws - If a stalemate has been held for 2 game years, the TD may investigate the game to decide whether any progress can be made. This will involve asking both players what their plans for the game are, and examining the board to determine whether the position is a true stalemate. If the TD rules that no further progress can be made by either side, the game will be force drawn.

At the discretion of the TD, a game may also be force drawn if it is determined that neither side is progressing and has been in this state for a significant period of time, even if it is not at a true stalemate.
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