Online Diplomacy Championship

Tournament Director: ghug

The Online Diplomacy Championship is a tournament devoted to promoting camaraderie and competition amongst the various communities devoted to online Diplomacy.


The tournament will be played in three rounds (Qualification, Semi-Finals, and Finals), with each player playing two games per round. All games will be played at with the following settings: the original (Classic) Diplomacy map, anonymous players, full press, 36-hour phase length, and a 5 point bet. The second game for each round will start two weeks after the first game starts so players aren't starting two games at once. If a player receives the same country assignment in both games of a round, the second game's country assignments will be re-shuffled. Finally, care will be taken to mix players from different sites in games so everyone has a chance to experience new players and play styles.


Games resulting in a solo will be scored as 420 + final supply center count for the victor and final supply center count for each of the other players. Games resulting in a draw will be scored as 420 / (draw size) + final supply center count for each of the players participating in the draw. The Qualification Round will be seeded by site rankings. It will be open to as many players as possible. The Semi-Finals will be seeded by the results of the Qualification round with ties being broken by initial seeding. They will include the top 21 players (or top 14 players if there are fewer than 42 players in the Qualification round). The Final round will include the top seven players from the Semi-Finals and will be seeded by the results of the Semi-Final round with ties being broken by score in the Qualification round and then by initial seeding.


Each player will be allowed one pause per game lasting up to one week without question. Any further pauses must be agreed upon by everyone in the game and it is recommended that account sitters be found if such a situation arises. Games will also be paused to prevent NMR when possible. Any player who NMRs or is saved from NMRing twice will be replaced.
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