2010 Player of the Year Awards

The second Player of the Year Awards were awarded for the year 2010 as follows:

Player of the Year: Ebay
2nd: Madmarx
3rd: Agent K

WTA Player of the Year: raapers
2nd: Ebay
3rd: Madmarx

---Non-Live Standard Game awards---
Most Wins: Ivo_Ivanov (23)
2nd BigZombieDude (16)
3rd: Silver Wolf (15)

Highest Win Percentage (Min 15 games): Big ZombieDude (50%)
2nd: Agent K (48%)
3rd: rhino86 (45%)

Most Wins/Draws: Silver Wolf (54)
2nd: Ivo_Ivanov (43)
3rd: Gobba(32)

Highest Win/Draw percentage (Min 15 games): dave bishop (93%)
2nd equal: Madmarx, rhino86 (91%)

---Non-Live WTA Awards---
Most WTA Wins: Silver Wolf and Perry 6006 (4)

Most WTA Wins/Draws: Perry6006 (23)
2nd: Madmarx (21)
3rd: Babak (19)

Highest WTA Win/Draw Percentage (Min 10 games): Madmarx (88%)
2nd: rdrivera2005 (84%)

---Live Game Awards---
Most Live Game Wins: The Czech (23)
2nd: Stmeha (22)
3rd: Amon Savag (13)

Highest Live Game Win Percentage (Min 10 games): gordonpup (55%)
2nd: Amon Savag (48%)
3rd: peterwiggin, fetteper (47%)

Most Live Game Wins/Draws: Gobba (76)
2nd: The Czech (69)
3rd: Stmeha (63)

Highest Live Game Win/Draw Percentage (Min 10 games): peterwiggin (93%)
2nd: Privacyseeker (92%)
3rd: VanHaylen (90%)