The Mountain

Tournament Director: ckroberts

This is a 7 player, one game, never-ending series, 7 players in an anonymous, full press, 25 hour, low bet game (unless everyone just wants to bet big) on the classic map. We will play with Lusthog rules - no draws until there is a solid stalemate line. There is a minimum requirement of ten games played and at least an 85% reliability ranking in order to participate.

The winner or, in the event of a draw, top three players by SC count (tiebreakers, in order: RR, GR) will play in the next game, along with the top players from the waiting list. We will decide about maintaining the waiting list or doing an open call for the next game based on user interest and how long the current game takes, but my inclination is to keep the list. We can use League rules for pauses - everyone gets up to a week, no questions asked. If a player has to drop out, that player can be replaced from the waiting list, in order of sign up, with the same penalties as being eliminated. NMRs will be played through, although we will pause if a player who has to drop out in order to bring up the replacement. Any player who fails to win or make a top-three draw may rejoin the waiting list, but may not play in the next two games (unless there is a shortage of willing players) and may in no circumstances play in the next game.

On the hope that this becomes a self-sustaining thing, it will be the responsibility of the winner or one of those moving on to the next game to contact the next players and create the game, naming it by the formula "The Mountain Game #".

If there is a solo, the winner may describe himself or herself as the King of the Mountain or the Queen of the Mountain, to the admiration and envy of the rest of the site.