The TGM Champions' Trophy

Tournament Director: TheGhostmaker 

    The Champions Trophy is the invitation-only tournament of the Diplomacy calendar, involving just seven players, chosen on the basis of performance in competitive diplomacy over the previous year. It will include the champion from last year, the winners from the previous two league seasons, the winner and runner-up from The Masters', and the two highest placed players in the GFDT.

     The timing of the tournament is whatever is most convenient for the players. One game is played, and if there is a solo winner, he wins the Trophy, if the game is drawn, a second game is played, and the champion is the player deemed to be positioned highest at the end of the season under a WTA scoring system. Should any players be tied for the win, a round robin of "France vs Austria", each player playing each other player as France once and Austria once. If this results in another tie, the games between the players tied will decide the outcome, and failing that, a deciding game of France vs Austria will be played. All games are anonymous.