TGM Champions' Trophy 2011

Tournament Director: TheGhostmaker

Tournament won by: In progress

The second TGM Champions' Trophy took place in 2011, between the following players:

  • Darwyn (TGM Champions' Trophy Champion)
  • The Wizard (Masters' 2010 Champion)
  • Laoban (Premier League Summer 2010 Champion)
  • cgwhite32 (Premier League Autumn 2009 Champion)
  • Crazyter (Masters' 2010 Runner-up)
  • Babak (Premier League Summer 2010 Runner-up)
  • Ivo_Ivanov (Premier League Autumn 2009 Runner-up)
Game Link (Game 1) Drawn by Babak, cgwhite32, Darwyn and Laoban

Game Link (Game 2) Drawn by The Wizard, Darwyn and cgwhite32