The Masters

Tournament Director: goldfinger0303 (formerly TrustMe and The Ghostmaker)

If you are interested in joining or have any questions please email the Tournament Director at (

The Masters is an annual round-robin tournament. Owing to the nature of diplomacy, as a seven player game, this necessitates a tournament with exactly 43 players. Each will play 7 rounds, with one player receiving a bye in each round. Players will be chosen from all the entrants, on the basis of Ghost-rating, Reliability Rating and time spent playing on WebDiplomacy.  This is to help ensure against CDs and withdrawls.

Games will be opened on a monthly basis, starting with September, with the last game opening at the start of March. Points will be scored by solo wins only, each solo scoring a single point. The position is determined by the number of points a player has at the end of the tournament. If there is a tie, it is broken first by who you won solos against, so looking at the sum of the points of the players beaten in the solos, a higher position will be awarded to the player who beat better opposition, and then by seeing how many draws each player has achieved. If players match up past the tiebreak, there will be a joint victor.

The top two players from the Masters will qualify for the Champions' Trophy.